Gas & Welding Equipments and Accessories

  • Gas and Welding Equipments and Accessories

Gas and Welding Equipments and Accessories

Gas Cylinder Equipments & Accessories

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Cylinder Valves

  • Prime functions of Gas Cylinder Valves are
  • filling of gas into cylinder
  • proper storage of gas inside the cylinder
  • release the gas as and when required
  • act as a safety for cylinder against pressure build up (when valves are fitted with safety devices)


Cylinder key used to open and close the cylinder valve

Spring loaded holder is designed for maximum safety, comfort and high productivity. Minimum contact area of conductivity and high grip cable connection. avoids heat transfer to handle.

Gas Regulators

A full range of regulators for the different gases and cylinders in different applications

Flashback Arrestors

These devices protect against flashbacks with mixtures of oxygen or air and flammable gases such as hydrogen, acetylene, methane or LPG gases. The design includes a built-in no-return valve to stop reverse flow, and a thermal shut off that stops gas flow in the event of a hose or pipeline fire.

Pressure Gauges

We also provide dial type digital pressure gauges in various sizes and ranges. Sourced from trusted vendors across the country.

Gas Analyzers/Gas Chromatography Machines

MGC offers a wide array of high quality Gas Analyzers that are specially designed for examining the different types of gases. These instruments are precisely designated by making use of premium quality materials and latest techniques to match with the international quality norms. This range of analyzers are widely accredited in the market place for its salient features like excellent functionality, high quality, rigidity, durable service life, fine finish, simple operation, energy efficiency and low maintenance. The analyzers are widely utilized in various industries like chemical, laboratories and gas.

Welding Electrodes

An electrode is a metal wire that is coated. It is made out of materials with a similar composition to the metal being welded. There are a variety of factors that go into choosing the right electrode for each project.

SMAW or stick electrodes are consumable, meaning they become part of the weld, while TIG electrodes are non-consumable as they do not melt and become part of the weld, requiring the use of a welding rod.The MIG welding electrode is a continuously fed wire referred to as wire.

Electrode selection is critical to ease of cleanup, weld strength, bead quality and for minimizing any spatter. Electrodes need to be stored in a moisture free environment and carefully removed from any package (follow the directions to avoid damage). 

Few more Accessories from our arsenal...

  • Cylinder Cascades
  • Cylinder Trolleys
  • Cylinder Valves
  • (Oxygen, Helium, Nitrogen, Argon) Gas Regulator
  • Electric Welding Machines
  • Flashback Arrestors
  • Gas Cutters
  • Safety Harness
  • Tungsten (TIG) Welding Electrodes
  • Lpg,acetylene(da)hydrogen gas regulators
  • Karam safety equipments
  • Unitor safety products
  • Helium balloon filling valve With Double Gauge Regulator
  • Unitor Gas Detectors
  • Non Returnable Valve (NRV) for flammable gases
  • and Many More Accessories...